Product Showcase: Aircraft Galleys & Galley Equipment

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Last year, Aircraft Interiors Expo welcomed 102 companies showcasing galley and galley equipment products and services.

Similar to seating and aircraft manufacturers, galleys & galley equipment remained one of the top 5 most sought-after product categories at the show. For the next edition of the show, the AIX team look forward to some of the latest offerings from returning and new to the show aircraft manufacturers.

Bucher Leichtbau AG

Bucher Leichtbau AG-logo

Bucher are constantly working on innovative, user-friendly and sustainable solutions.

We no longer need to bother Newton to explain the laws of gravity. Or rather, how they can be overcome. In aircraft construction, the answers are well known. So Bucher focuses on lightness.

Lightness is the key idea and the driving force in everything they do. It enlightens what Bucher conceptualises, plans and implement in its Fällanden (Switzerland), Sinn-Fleisbach (Germany) and Everett (US) locations. In all of these locations, innovative customer-oriented solutions in lightweight construction emerge – for the aviation, air rescue and automotive industries.

Bucher Leichtbau ARCTICart


ARCTICartTM has proven to keep the temperature increase below 4°C for a period of over 20 hours without costly dry-ice. ARCTICartTM Ice-Packs can be used for additional peace-of-mind or to further extend the time for safe temperature preservation.

Unlike existing and less performing solutions for catering, ARCTICartTM is not only equipped with the latest insulation technology, similar to the one used for pharmaceutical logistics, but is also smartly designed to avoid any “thermal bridges”.

TT Electronics

TT Electronics-logo

TT Electronics enhance the passenger experience through solutions such as passenger cabin controls (PCUs), cabin lighting, suite controls and customised lighting features.

TT Electronics has led the market in customised human machine interface technologies for more than 30 years, partnering with customers to deliver HMI solutions that improve user experience, enhance communications and boost productivity.

With a long history of developing innovative solutions for the most demanding environments, including patented thin film backlighting, capacitive touch technology, integral RFI screening and flexible illumination techniques, the company is a trusted value-added partner to global OEMs in the aerospace, military, medical, industrial and transportation industries.

TT electronics Galley Equipment Interfaces
TT electronics Galley Equipment Interfaces

Galley Equipment Interfaces

TT provide enhanced control panel and illumination solutions for aircraft galleys. Their thin film backlighting and capacitive switching technologies deliver simple, clean and functional designs for galley and business class bar areas including refreshment makers, bar counters and cocktail tables.

International Water-Guard Industries Inc

International Water-Guard Industries Inc-logo

As the aviation industry still recovers from the effects of a global pandemic and passenger health receives unprecedented levels of attention. IWG is ready to contribute with powerful solutions.

For the past 30 years, IWG has been the industry leader in UV potable water treatment technology and water distribution system components for VIP and corporate aircraft worldwide.

IWG’s innovative solutions have expanded with a series of Aircraft On-Demand Water Heaters providing high flow rates, lightweight components, and small footprint. IWG is the world leader in flight-certified UV water treatment components, controls and monitoring systems that use ultraviolet light technology that provide passengers and crew with safe and fresh on-board drinking water at all times.

International Water-Guard Industries IWG UVL1 Water Filter


IWG-UVL1: A compact water disinfection component that ensures safe drinking water from any point of use on an aircraft. IWG’s newest water treatment component, IWG-UVL1, was developed using UV-C LED technology and designed for point of use disinfection applications.

The UVL1 is compact, light and easy to install. The unit’s controller provides optimized LED power activation to achieve up to 4,300 hours of disinfection and ensure the safety of aircraft water for up to five years or more

Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation logo

Diehl set themselves the goals of making travel increasingly more comfortable and safer, saving valuable resources, and presenting ground-breaking solutions to our customers in all business areas.

Diehl Aviation is a first-tier supplier for avionics solutions and preferred partner for cabin integration in the aerospace industry. The integrated product portfolio consists of interior lighting systems, air distribution systems, crew rest compartments, lavatories and refreshment rooms, floor-to-floor lining as well as galleys – also available as retrofit solutions.

Systems for water and air management, fire protection and further cabin electronics complement the company’s portfolio for aircraft interiors.

diehl Air Refrigeration Unit - ARU
Diehl Air Refrigeration Unit – ARU

Air Refrigeration Unit – ARU

The ARU has been completely re-imagined and is now at the very cutting edge of galley cooling performance and cost-effectiveness. A single plug-and-play ARU unit cools up to 6 trolleys at once, using intelligent cooling controls and automatically regulated fan speeds to increase efficiency.


IPECO logo

IPECO are all about enhancing the flight experience. Visit them to find out more about our ergonomic pilot and crew seating, stylish executive passenger jet seats and electric galley products.

Founded in 1960, Ipeco is a world leader in commercial & military aircraft crew seating and executive jet passenger seating, with an expanding presence in the electrical galley insert sector. They have an extensive capability to deliver these products and we operate around the globe 24/7 for AOG, spare parts distribution, repair services and in-service technical support.

IPECO Electric Galley Inserts

Electric galley inserts

The Ipeco range of electrical galley inserts for new and retrofit installations, available in both ATLAS and ARINC standards, combines technological innovation and robust performance with easy-to-use features, improving food service for airlines and operators worldwide. Lightweight and reliable, the aim is to ensure that cabin crew have the equipment they trust to deliver perfect results.


Techno Aerospace offers world class composite forming, interior monuments and decorative finishing, components and hardware, decorative electroplating, and luxury surfaces. Techno Aerospace is a full interiors company that combines engineering, analysis, manufacturing, and finishing with lean enterprise methodologies, to continually strengthen their customers’ business.

techno aerospace galley


Techno Aerospace turnkey galleys are designed and manufactured with functionality in mind while providing the durability needed to withstand day-to-day repetitive use. Their galleys are true turnkey, incorporating all mechanical and electrical systems and fully operationally function tested. A range of colour and finish options are available to integrate with any cabin environment.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading marketplace for airlines and the cabin interiors galley equipment supply chain to meet. Find out more below.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading cabin interiors event where airlines and the supply chain to meet and has been for over 20 years. AIX plays host to the latest innovations, technologies and products for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries.

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