Product Showcase: Aircraft Manufacturer Products at AIX

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Last year, Aircraft Interiors Expo welcomed 27 companies specifically showcasing their aircraft manufacturer products.

Similar to seating, galleys & galley equipment, aircraft manufacturers remained one of the top 5 most sought-after product categories at the show. For the next edition of the show, the AIX team look forward to some of the latest offerings from returning and new to the show aircraft manufacturers.

Stirling Dynamics

Stirling Dynamics GmbH-logo

Discover Stirling Dynamics‘ EASA 21J modification hub for tailored cabin solutions, with products such as 3D printed parts, smart repairs, crew rest, tray tables and many other cabin parts.

Stirling Dynamics EASA 21J is providing cabin modification and cabin solutions for airlines during the last 10 years. Their Cabin Mod Hub is offering smart and cost-efficient cabin products and repairs for airlines and MRO’s. By collaboration with numerous Part 21G manufacturers they offer a broad variety of standard and tailored solutions fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Stirling-Dado Panel Repair
Stirling Dynamics Dado Panel Repair

Dado Panel Repair

A simple and cost-effective solution for B737 dado panels. Stirling Dynamics is offering a simple and cost-effective solution for B737 dado panels. Most dado panels show broken attachments during checks. This repair kit can be used for easy repair and also for preventative improvement of the panels.

Skytec Aerospace

Skytec Aerospace-logo

From idea to completion – Skytec stand as a trusted partner for exceptional engineering & certification services.

They are a leading certified EASA Design and Production Organisation specialised in aircraft cabin interior modifications. They have established themselves as experts in providing exceptional, tailor made solutions for aircraft cabin interiors. Their team is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions to meet the unique requirements of clients. From design and engineering to manufacturing & installation, they are committed to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding customer service every step of the the way.

Skytec Windscreen

Skytec Windscreen

The Skytec windscreen is developed for installation on Airbus A320-family aircraft (A318, A319, A320 and A321) with classic and enhanced cabin interior. Its innovative attachment allows a 5 inch movement of the windscreen without any shipside modifications. The unique modern design features a special frameless viewing window meeting the direct view requirements by still providing sufficient privacy for the cabin crew.

AmSafe Bridport

AmSafe Bridport-logo

Having gained tremendous experience working closely with customers to develop solution lead products over 50+ years, AmSafe Bridport have become a trusted advisor to all of our customers and the wider industry.

AmSafe Bridport design and manufactures restraints and speciality devices such as airframe barrier nets, sustainable cargo nets, mantle fire containment & protection products for the cabin and cargo hold. They are problem solvers and solution providers, designing and manufacturing engineered textile solutions for the safety & securement needs of the global aerospace and defence markets.

They specialise in engineering quality, innovative products that withstand high dynamic stress loads and provide safer, more efficient airframe restraints & barrier solutions and cargo handling & movement systems.

AmSafe Bridport Mantle™ Fire Protection Liners (FPL)
AmSafe Bridport Mantle™ Fire Protection Liners (FPL)

Mantle™ Fire Protection Liners (FPL)

Mantle FPLs provide a fire-resistant lining for the internal walls of aircraft to protect it against damage from onboard fire by minimising the spread of an onboard fire. FPLs are incredibly lightweight compared to heavier, traditionally used, insulation-style materials. Provisions for equipment/cabling to pass through the FPL can be incorporated and the flexible mantle material can be easily formed around aircraft features.

FEDERAL MOGUL Systems Protection

FEDERAL MOGUL offer a comprehensive line of high quality textile sleeves meant to offer abrasion, arc, fire and EMI protection. Their newly developed product range also includes innovative fixation systems.

FEDERAL MOGUL Systems Protection-logo

As the proud designer and manufacturer of Bentley-Harris products, they offer a comprehensive line of high quality solutions intended to protect or improve system performance across a broad range of applications.

With industry recognition through specifications from all major aircraft manufacturers worldwide, Tenneco’s aerospace / defense product line provides specially designed solutions to various segments of the aircraft market, including large commercial aircraft, fighter jets, business jets, regional jets, UAVs, and satellites.

federal-mogul-Roundit 2000NX GRIP
Federal Mogul Roundit 2000NX GRIP

Roundit 2000NX GRIP

Roundit 2000NX GRIP offers both the benefits of a protection and an fixation system. The hook part can be stuck on the structure so that the wire harness protected by the sleeve is directly attached on the wall. This solution is ideal for galleys & seats where traditional fixation systems can not be installed linked to the space they take. This system avoids to drill holes in the structure.

Schneller Llc

Schneller is a global manufacturer of innovative engineered decorative laminates, non-textile flooring, and thermoplastics for commercial airlines.

Schneller Llc-logo

Schneller is a premier single source provider of coordinated collections and custom décor of :

  • film Laminates for ceilings, window panels and bins
  • reinforced laminates for high abuse areas such as galleys and carts
  • thermoplastic sheets for seat components
  • and tough, slip-resistant non-textile floor covering all designed to meet the exacting requirements of our customer
schneller-AerFilm flex®
Schneller AerFilm flex®

AerFilm flex®

AerFilm flex® is Schneller’s newest decorative laminate film, providing superior formability. Engineered to cover complex, compound-curve 3-dimensional surfaces.

Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior

Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior is specialised in the development and manufacturing of unique customer solutions for self-adhesive and non-adhesive aircraft system PE-foam insulations, NTF (Wulfmeyer process) and security step floorings, hook & loop fasteners as well as various tapes.

For 60 years Wulfmeyer is accredited as a supplier to the Airbus Group and has been developing products in cooperation with Airbus, Airline and VIP customers for a wide range of aircraft types and fleets.

NTF - Wulfmeyer proccess
NTF – Wulfmeyer proccess

Wulfmeyer proccess

The light-weight materials used meet strict authority and manufacturer specifications (for example ABD0031, FAR 25.853).

This method alleviates the potential for NTF waving, bubbling, telegraphing, shrinkage and provides an impact protection which reduces the risk of corrosion to the floor structure.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading marketplace for airlines and the aircraft manufacturer supply chain to meet. Find out more below.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading cabin interiors event where airlines and the supply chain to meet and has been for over 20 years. AIX plays host to the latest innovations, technologies and products for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries.

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