The Latest Product Showcase: Airline Cabin Seating

aix 2023 top product interest bar chart

Last year, Aircraft Interiors Expo saw 151 suppliers who were showcasing seating products and solutions. The show also saw a 16% year on year growth in interest for these types of products for both visitors and airline buyers. 

Seating, galleys & galley equipment likewise stayed among the most prolific categories of products showcased at AIX. For the next edition of the show, the AIX team look forward to some of the latest airline cabin seating products that will be available to touch, test and onboard.

Iacobucci HF Aerospace

Iacobucci HF Aerospace Spa logo

Offering premium, durable and innovative products made in Italy, the self-professed “best in-class customer service” company is the first choice among elite airlines and private jet throughout the world.

Iacobucci HF Aerospace is worldwide leader, manufacturer and supplier of galley inserts and seating products. With over 40 years of experience, the company represents excellence in design, production, certification and distribution of espresso and coffee makers, water heaters, trash compactors, oven and cooking stations. But it’s their standard units and seats for commercial and business aviation that have piqued buyers’ interest.

Iacobucci HF Aerospace Spa cambiano
Iacobucci HF Aerospace Cambiano Airline Seat


The Cambiano features an innovative design and commitment to quality as well as attention to details and comfort. These are just some of the features that distinguish CAMBIANO, the seat by Iacobucci HF Aerospace, realised in collaboration with Pininfarina.

Specifically for business class, the hand-crafted seat combines a contemporary design with luxurious finishes ensuring the highest level of relaxation on board.

The one leaf meal tray is lightweight and comfortable and during the flight privacy is ensured thanks to the innovative shell’s design. In front of the seat, passengers can enjoy a private and convenient drawer, lined with Alcantara, for their personal belongings.

Sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd

Sabeti Wain Aerospace Ltd logo

With close to 40 years’ experience in the industry, Sabeti Wain Aerospace is world renowned for exceptional craftsmanship, innovation and uncompromising quality.

A family run business fuelled by a passion for their craft, Sabeti Wain design and manufacture aircraft seat covers and cushion foams, specialising in laminated seat covers in leather and fabric, and foam conversion.

Their products include seat covers, arm caps, life vest pockets, curtains and acoustic panels for crew rests. Their customers include almost all seat manufacturers as well as many airlines.

sabetti-wain-Malaysian Airlines A350 First Class
Sabeti Wain Aerospace Dress Cover for Malaysian Airlines A350 First Class

Dress Cover for Malaysian Airlines A350 First Class

  • Seat: Thompson Aero
  • Materials: Botany and Muirhead
  • Design: Factory Design UK
  • Dress Cover: Sabeti Wain Aerospace

TCI Aircraft Interiors


TCI Aircraft Interiors provide innovative, reliable, competitive products with high added value without sacrificing quality.

Founded in 2023 through the merger of TCI Cabin Interior, TSI Seats and Cornea, TCI Aircraft Interiors is poised to become the preferred global supplier with its excellent engineering skills and innovative products.

TCI believe that excellence and the best passenger experience are at the heart of success when working on new designs to deliver products to our customers. TCI is developing and improving its products such as in-flight entertainment systems, connectivity systems, galleys, lavatories, business and economy class seats for wide-body and narrow-body aircraft types.

SKYSOFA by TCI aircraft interiors
TCI aircraft interiors SKYSOFA

SKYSOFA by TCI Aircraft Interiors

The SKYSOFA offers unrivalled quality and reliability for economy class seating solutions for wide-body aircraft types.

Offers an ultra-comfortable flight experience during long flights with articulated seat bottom, longer armrests, and footrests. Skysofa strikes the proper balance of durability and functionality for today’s market. First row seats are capable to be equipped with the 11,1’’ monitor in-arm design and in-arm tray tables.

Wencor LLC

Wencor LLC-logo

Wencor provides reliability, innovation and customised solutions for varying operational needs. They are an able partner for distribution services, PMA or DER repairs and technical options.

Wencor has been a global leader in the aftermarket aerospace industry for over 65 years. Their fundamental focus in lowering the cost of aircraft ownership and operations, improving component reliability and increasing availability for their customers has made them a trusted partner to the world’s airlines, MRO’s, OEM’s and defense companies.

They support commercial and defense aircraft through authorised distribution services, PMA design and development, DER/component repair services, kitting, USM, rotable exchanges, technical analysis and innovative engineering solutions.

Wencor Crew Seat Cushion Covers
Wencor Crew Seat Cushion Covers

Wencor Crew Seat Cushion Covers

Wencor PMA has two product improvements over the OEM original design; including covering two OEM PNs and easy pocket placement for pilot access. These improvements have increased pilot user satisfaction and airline Supply Chain from having to source/stock two different PNs. Applicable for Boeing crew seats only.


aviationscouts GmbH-logo

aviationscouts is glad to assist in optimising existing and future interior configurations by storing, cleaning, refurbishing and releasing them to service.

aviationscouts not only operates the leading online marketplace for surplus aircraft passenger seats, “”, where they bring buyers and sellers together, they also buy, store, overhaul and sell aircraft seats and interiors. With over 12,000 units of different seat models, they maintain one of the largest “ready to ship” inventories in the industry. In partnership with EASA approved partners they offer repair portfolio for seats and interiors at the local facility in Lichtenfels.

aviationscouts GmbH-overhaul seats
aviationscouts Aircraft Passenger Seats

aviationscouts Aircraft Passenger Seats

aviationscouts overhaul seats and make them like new! They can integrate change dress covers, cushions, do deep cleaning and inspect & repair.

STELIA Aerospace

STELIA Aerospace-logo

STELIA Aerospace offer a range of premium seat solutions, designed for single-aisle and widebody aircraft.

STELIA Aerospace is the Airbus Atlantic brand dedicated to cabin interior activity. For over 20 years, they’ve been designing and manufacturing some of the most advanced Business and First class seats on the market, offering an unrivalled level of perceived quality and comfort. Today they rank in the top three for Premium passenger seats thanks to the trust of over 50 airlines, including major players who are constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the aerospace industry.

OPAL® by STELIA Aerospace

OPAL® by STELIA Aerospace

Designed for efficiency, tailored for luxury, OPAL heightens comfort to new luxurious levels. A 26”-wide, 81”-long bed.

Geven SpA

Geven SpA-logo

For Geven SpA, aircraft cabins are the environment and passenger safety and comfort is the inspiration. Spanning the flight experience, Geven represents one of the world’s leading interior providers. Whether the provision concerns seats, insulation blankets, floor panels or monuments, Geven’s knowledge and half a century of activities and related experience enables them to understand their customers’ needs around the world.

Theydeliver customized solutions tailored to maximise operational efficiency, while providing maintainability, sustainability, comfort and safety.

Geven Essenza
Geven Essenza

Geven Essenza

Essenza fits high-density economy class sections with extra boost towards a more than minimal economy class ride — all in the very essence of Italian style, where less stands for more.

Aviointeriors SpA

Aviointeriors SpA-logo

Aviointeriors designs, certifies, manufactures and delivers high-quality aircraft passenger seats to leading airlines, lessors, MROs and aircraft OEMs.

Synthesys EVO-aviointeriors

Aviointeriors SpA Synthesys EVO

Synthesys EVO is a mechanical premium business class seat. The modular design and its flexibility to customisation allows the customer to bespoke the Synthesys for different use. Synthesys EVO will match and exceed customer expectations with the comfort and the quality of its components.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading marketplace for airlines and the aircraft cabin interiors seating supply chain to meet. Find out more below.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading cabin interiors event where airlines and the supply chain to meet and has been for over 20 years. AIX plays host to the latest innovations, technologies and products for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries.

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