AIX Look Back: Improving Passenger Experience with IATA

AIX Look Back: Improving Passenger Experience with IATA

IATA plans to improve the passenger experience

In 2019, we were joined by Pierre Charbonneau, Director Passenger Experience, IATA, at the Passenger Experience Conference. Charbonneau was looking at how data will start to help create a personalised and efficient

The use of biometrics

Charbonneau also spoke of the possibilities of biometrics being used and how passengers can be traced through their journey in the airport and on to the airplane. This could help to create a more seamless and personalised experience for all travellers.

To find out more about how technology is changing the way passengers travel and how airlines can improve the onboard experiences, make sure to read our ‘Technology in the Cabin’ report. You can find the first part of the four-part series here.

Hear more from Charbonneau in our recent interview.

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