Future digital experiences onboard with Michael Raasch

Recently we had the chance to interview Michael Raasch, CEO of Omnevo, a new company looking to revolutionize the onboard digital purchasing experience.

With over 20 years of experience at the intersection of travel, operations and technology, Michael’s mission is to create future digital passenger experiences and help airlines transition to e-Commerce marketplaces.

Prior to his current role as CEO at Omnevo, he has worked in various strategic and management positions within the Lufthansa Group. He held various senior positions incl. VP Sales and concepts, responsible for a global development and sales team, creating award-winning concepts for many leading airlines.

Watch the full interview below:

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Key insights from the interview

  • “We know from history that airlines are complex organisations. We are now seeing the simplification of this, with the bundling of different functions in one area and faster decision making.”
  • “It is clear that airlines need to look for additional ancillary revenues.”
  • “We’re living in a very unpredictable world now and airlines have to adapt fast, and in real time. This is where digitization helps to streamline and optimise processes.”
  • “We see a willingness from a lot of carriers to do minimal viable products or proof of concept, rather than going out to test and work with the results because traditional data and benchmarks from the past are not valid anymore.”
  • “We have noticed much more agile behaviour from our customers. They want these solutions fast, they want to implement them fast and then they want to see the solutions.”
  • “One of the biggest learnings from the pandemic is that the market can change so quickly and you have to be flexible.”
  • “The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital solutions.”
  • “We are seeing smaller aircraft flying longer distances and a lot of airlines are thinking: how can I actually increase pre-order or pre-select, because we simply don’t have the space onboard?”
  • “Ancillary revenue programmes in the past were often outsourced to other companies and we are seeing a tendency for airlines to rethink this approach.”
  • “How to monetize ancillary revenues and digitalize the passenger journey will be a big trend.”

About attending AIX:

  • “I miss the physical trade fair because I love walking around, sitting in different airline seats, looking at different interiors and speaking to a lot of different people!”
  • “AIX is a huge pool of inspiration. It’s great to network and see people to exchange ideas.”
  • “I love this event because of the good networking, lots of inspiration and new things to see and to exchange as well. I think it’s a very important industry event.”

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