Webinar: Responding to Disruption: Quick Fix or Profound Change?

Webinar: Responding to Disruption: Quick Fix or Profound Change?

Rethinking the “what next” needs to address how do we best reassure customers? How do we create comfort in feeling safe, cared for, and in control? We must ask this question first, in order to design experiences that rebuild trust, moment by moment.

In this webinar, Johannes Lampela will describe how a “post-COVID design brief for a better cabin experience and a focus on what matters to the customer” might look, drawing on learnings from recent disruptions in the automotive space. This session poses key questions about the challenge ahead and proposes an “experience first – inside out approach” to cabin design.

Moderator: Jennifer Coutts Clay, Author, JETLINER CABINS

Johannes Lampela, Director of Design, Los Angeles, BMW Group Designworks


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