Exhibitor Interview: AJW Group

Exhibitor Interview: AJW Group

AJW Group is a world-leading independent parts, repair, lease, engine, flight hour programme and supply chain solutions integrator.

The group’s AJW Technique Interiors offers fully tailored solutions, including a revolutionary new synthetic material, SkyLeather®. Their business offers support to over 1,000 airlines across 100 countries.

As part of our exhibitor interviews series, AIX sat down with AJW Group’s Interiors Programme Manager, Sohaib Ahmed. We discussed how the company’s product, SkyLeather®, is providing airlines and passengers with a chemical-free, sustainable, synthetic leather for use in aircraft seating solutions.

Can you introduce yourself, your company and your products to us?

“I’m Sohaib Ahmed – Interiors Programme Manager at AJW. Our company is a leader in providing end-to-end solutions for the aviation industry.

Our products and services include SkyLeather®, cabin interior services, supply chain management, asset management, part sales and support, AJW technique, managed MRO, engine services, power-by-the-hour, and our leasing and capital division.”

And what will you be showcasing at AIX 2023?

“This year we will be showcasing our SkyLeather® material – a revolutionary material that is changing the way we think about synthetic leather.

It is a unique, sustainable, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional synthetic leather which is made from petrochemicals. SkyLeather® is made from water-based polyurethane which makes this material highly durable and flexible.”

“It is highly durable and it’s resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for aircraft cabin interior applications.”

Sohaib Ahmed

“It can be used to create a wide range of products which includes aircraft seat covers and other applications within the aircraft cabin interior.

One of the key benefits of SkyLeather® is its sustainability – it is free from chemicals; it does not contain harmful chemicals like polyvinyl chloride, making it a safer and healthier choice for the passenger and the environment.

One of the other key benefits of SkyLeather® is that it is highly durable and it’s resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for aircraft cabin interior applications. It is also easy to clean and maintain, which helps reduce the cost of cabin maintenance.”

Credit: AJW Group

Are there any innovations or trends that you’re anticipating in the aviation and interiors industry this year?

“Well, I think sustainability is a focus for the aviation industry – to become more carbon neutral. Airlines are considering new sustainable technologies for cabin interiors like SkyLeather®, for example.

Airlines are expected to adopt more eco-friendly materials for aircraft interiors, such as recycled textiles, bio-based composites, bio resins, and the use of bamboo and hemp technologies as well.”

“Exhibiting at AIX…provides us with a platform to showcase our products and services to a targeted audience.”

Sohaib Ahmed

“Another trend we’ve seen is touchless technologies in their aircraft cabins, such as touchless lavatories, overhead bins having an opening sensor, without having to physically open them.

There are other trends such as enhancing passenger experience by incorporating more personalisation. Such as, passengers having their own ambient light, which they can control from a panel, and personalised, individualised entertainment systems.

There is also an increased use of augmented and virtual reality, especially when it comes to the aircraft cabin. There’s been a lot of involvement in this; airlines are expected to adopt more of these virtual reality technologies to provide passengers with a more interactive and immersive experience.”

Credit: AJW Group

What are you or the company looking forward to seeing and experiencing again at AIX?

“I am eager to witness the latest advancements in cabin interiors and sustainable manufacturing technologies. Many of the OEM’s have unique and cutting edge innovations to display at this show, which I’m eager to experience.”

“One of the key benefits of SkyLeather® is its sustainability.”

Sohaib Ahmed

“You always see something new, a new type of composite material used in the seat structure, which is making the seat even lighter; more comfortable. So it’s always interesting to see what the OEMs are doing; what research and development companies are doing with their new type of materials with the use of biocomposites and bio resins.”

Why are you coming back to AIX?

“AIX is a leading interiors exhibition globally, and I think it’s a must-attend event for any company engaged in cabin interior solutions as the right type of audience and key people are there.

We’ve had huge success. Last year, when we launched SkyLeather®, we met with a lot of airlines and leasing companies who showed great interest in our SkyLeather® material and our other capabilities as well.

We are in quite advanced discussions with some of those customers. So that’s why it’s important as a company that we exhibit at the show, and for anyone who’s involved in cabin interiors.”

Why is exhibiting or attending AIX important for you and your company?

“Exhibiting at AIX is important for AJW Group – I think the main reason is because it provides us a platform to showcase our products and services to a targeted audience where the key players are attending.”

“AIX is a leading interiors exhibition globally.”

Sohaib Ahmed

“The decision makers are attending and it’s a unique opportunity to network with them and it helps us establish relationships and generate new business.”

Would you recommend AIX to other companies? And please share why.

“Of course. Like I said previously, any company who’s involved with cabin interiors – must exhibit (or attend the show, at least!). It’s a must because all the airlines, all the decision makers and the right contractors are attending.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss your company’s capability, the services and products you can offer. I’m pretty confident you will find new business opportunities visiting the show.”

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the world’s leading cabin interiors event where airlines and the supply chain to meet and has been for over 20 years. AIX plays host to the latest innovations, technologies and products for the cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort industries.

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