Digitalise the cabin with new solutions from AERQ

Digitalise the cabin with new solutions from AERQ

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed things as we know them, and this also applies to the aviation industry. Adjusting to a new normal can be seen as a new beginning for our industry too, where rethinking is required to ensure a sustainable future of our business – a new approach where challenges turn into opportunities.

To make this possible, it is essential to look at digital transformation and how it can unlock new potential for airlines. Digital technologies and solutions should be at hand so that airlines are in full control and able to respond to what is needed and expected of them. Hygiene is the most current topic where digitalisation of the cabin environment will be the key to re-establish the passengers’ trust in flying.

A collaborative approach

With the joined skillsets of LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik, AERQ is here to enable airlines to go through this digital transformation successfully. With its open IT-platform, AERQ will not only bring the latest trends from consumer electronics onboard the aircraft but is offering a new approach on how the industry can work together.

By working with various partners, complementing capabilities will be used to bring innovative digital solutions and technology into the cabin. Airlines should be in control over their own digital cabin experience. This means having the freedom and flexibility to choose solutions that best fit their needs. AERQ is here to offer exactly that, making airlines the playmaker of their cabin.

Finding new solutions

Looking at cabins today, physical touch is required in almost any interaction. This applies especially to in-seat systems as we know them. By innovating the interactions with digital solutions, physical touch can be significantly reduced or even eliminated.

One way of doing so is the full integration of the passenger’s own device. With the Personal Entertainment Device as an active touchpoint in the cabin, it can not only provide control and command over the in-seat system, it can also be a tool for interactions between passenger and cabin crew.

Digitalising the interactions in the cabin will create the benefit of reduced physical contact and will contribute to social distancing.

A sound of the future

Other elements of the passenger entertainment experience onboard should also be revisited. A solution could be to create an audio bubble around the passenger without any interference of other passengers or the cabin. This approach is based on advanced speaker- and audio technology in the headrest.

Such an audio solution will enhance the passenger entertainment experience and make it even more comfortable. Additionally, it will reduce physical touch and eliminate potential hygiene hazards such as headphones provided by the airlines.

Integrating AI into cabins

Exploiting AI technology will enable touchless displays, where the passenger can control solely with hand gestures. Not alone will technology such as AI help airlines to stand out, it will also bring long-term benefits.

With AI-based algorithms, passenger experience solutions onboard will become smart and intelligent. This makes it possible to personalise the passenger experience while enabling new business opportunities for the airlines.

In the long run, digitalisation will empower airlines with the efficiency levers and new business models they need for a sustainable future of their business.

The future is now

Airlines need to now strengthen the trust among their passengers and 2020 has only made the demand for digitalisation in the cabin even clearer.

This article was provided by AERQ. To discover more about their products and solutions, visit the AERQ website.

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