Flying for All – What next for the accessible cabin?

Flying for All – What next for the accessible cabin?

Initiatives to ensure that flying becomes more accessible for all passengers, including those travellers with mobility issues, as well as people with other disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments, were increasingly in the spotlight over the past 18 months. How have they been impacted by the pandemic?

As airlines and suppliers respond to the requirements of governments and regulators post coronavirus – and gain a better understanding of passenger demand and demographics – what will be the impact on accessibility initiative in cabin products and onboard services? And what will shape the next round of accessibility innovations?

Topics covered include:

  • What cabin solutions will be needed to ensure we reassure all passengers, including those with accessibility need, that they can fly safely, in comfort and with dignity?
  • How will the trend towards touchless experiences support the accessibility needs of travellers?
  • As onboard services and amenities evolve post Covid-19, how should we be rethinking single-aisle cabins to ensure passenger wellbeing and passengers with restricted mobility (PRM) inclusiveness?
  • What next for accessible seating and wheelchair access on board?
  • What are the impacts of government interventions and what is the outlook for future regulation?


Christopher Wood, Founder, Flying Disabled (Moderator)

Geraldine Lundy, Director, Accessible Travel Consultancy

Hans-Gerhard Giesa, Senior Expert Human Factors Cabin & Cargo, Airbus

Matthew Coder, Inflight Experience Program Manager Alaska Airlines

Gina Emrich, Consultant, Open Doors Organization

Hank Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Molon Labe Seating

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