Exhibitor Interview: STG Aerospace

Exhibitor Interview: STG Aerospace

STG Aerospace is an a partner of choice for the Aerospace industry for emergency exit marking and cabin lighting systems. They meet these demands through the application of two core technologies, photoluminescent & LED based lighting solutions.

As part of our exhibitor interviews series, AIX sat down with Kate Williams, Brand Marketing Manager at STG Aerospace to discuss how cabin lighting can positively impact passenger experience onboard.

Could you introduce yourself, your company and your products to us?

“Hi, I’m Kate Williams. I’m the brand marketing manager at STG Aerospace – we are a specialist lighting manufacturer. We specialise in emergency exit marking and cabin lighting systems for the aerospace industry.”

kate williams STG aerospace
Kate Williams, Brand Marketing Manager – STG Aerospace

What will you be showcasing at AIX 2023?

“For AIX this year, we will be showcasing a number of things. At last year’s event we launched our universal lighting concept and this year we’re taking that a step further. So we’ll be showcasing the first product to be launched from that universal cabin lighting family.

“Pretty much everybody from within the industry is located at AIX.”

Kate Williams

So please come to our stand where we’ll be showcasing The Curve LED flexible light. We’ll also be sharing where we are on our sustainability journey towards a greener future. We’re doing it the STG way –  we’re being really rigorous in terms of researching new materials, considering the entire manufacturing process and the complete life of our products. So we’ll be sharing where we are along that journey.”

STG Aerospace's The Curve in blue
STG Aerospace’s The Curve

What innovations or trends are you anticipating in the aviation and interiors industry this year?

“In terms of trends that I anticipate seeing, particularly in the interiors industry, is the continued focus on passenger experience. More and more airlines need to differentiate themselves and they’re doing that through their passenger experience and we can support that from a lighting perspective. 

The other key trend we’re seeing is in terms of sustainability, people looking for greener, more sustainable products. So, I anticipate that to continue.”

What are you looking forward to seeing or experiencing again at AIX and why?

“As always, it’s meeting and seeing our customers in person. We always love to do that at STG and it’s a great opportunity to be in front of our customers, understand what their challenges are and showcase our products and services to them. 

“Why do we keep coming back to AIX? Well, simply, it’s the place to be for aircraft interiors.”

Kate Williams

This year in particular, we’re looking forward to welcoming back more of our China and APAC customers, because we anticipate that there’s going to be a greater contingent from that region, which we’re really looking forward to.”

Why are you coming back to AIX? Can you share any notable experiences or customers that you’ve gained during the show?

“Why do we keep coming back to AIX? Well, simply, it’s the place to be for aircraft interiors. We’re constantly encouraged by the number of customers and influencers from across the industry that we see there. 

And that’s why we keep coming back year after year because it’s a great place to speak to our customers, to understand their requirements and to showcase what we can do and how we can support them.”

Why is exhibiting or attending AIX important for your company?

“Well, we’re innovators in aerospace lighting and it’s where our audience is really. All of our contacts, all of our customers, all the industry bodies – pretty much everybody from within the industry is located at AIX. 

It’s the place to understand, to learn more about our customers, what’s going on in the industry; but also to showcase what we can do and how we can support them.”

Would you recommend AIX to other companies and if so, why?

“Definitely. Especially if you’re involved in any shape or form in aircraft interiors, it’s the place to be. It’s where all of the OEMs and airlines are; everybody is there. If you’re involved in this industry in any shape or form, you need to be at AIX.”

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